takara nipaluna – ‘Walking Hobart’
is the first and only Aboriginal tour of nipaluna/Hobart

This walking tour of nipaluna and its waterfront follows the route taken in 1832 by a group of forty members of the Aboriginal resistance, as they progressed to the old Government House to negotiate an end to the Black War. takara nipaluna – Walking Hobart – gives voice to the palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) perspective, history and continued presence within this modern city, and exposes the layers of history beneath the asphalt.

Created and delivered by palawa/warlpiri woman Nunami Sculthorpe-Green, takara nipaluna is informative, provocative, entertaining and surprising. It will lead you to a richer understanding of this place and of the palawa experience here. A revelatory, truth-telling performance that will resonate with you long after the walk ends.

takara nipaluna is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated and was launched as part of Ten Days on the Island Festival in 2021.

See below for some reviews or watch the clip below

I went on this tour today and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Nunami skillfully took us on a journey of learning new (old) things. She painted pictures with words that mean I will always see places around me differently. She draws on her deep historical knowledge, and mixes it with generously shared personal stories that make the whole experience very touching. Ten out of ten. A moving, educational experience.

Linda – July 2021

Absolutely wonderful – Nunami brings nipaluna’s stories and lessons from the past to life. A must-do for locals and visitors alike.

Sarah – Jul 2021

I went on this and was BLOWN away, learnt so much and was so grateful for Nunami’s incredible work on this. This is truly one of the most powerful walk and talks I have been on.

I learnt so much about this place I call home and continuing Aboriginal culture, which is as strong and powerful as this precious island we call home, lutruwita.

If you get an opportunity to take this walk with Nunami, do it! Transcending the tragic truths of an invasion, brutal violence and ongoing harms is a powerful storytelling that takes you on a journey above all else, resistance, perseverance, resilience, strength, activism, civil disobedience, sovereignty, true leadership and it’s not just about surviving but thriving!

A storyteller with humility, patience and a strong and completely justified pride. Nunami has created an incredibly generous way to share the story of her people. I took my whole family and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Ana Navidad – July 2021