mulaka milaythina/ the Hunting Grounds

mulaka milaythina/ The hunting grounds

Over the last few months Nunami has been working with the internationally renowned pianist and composer Louise Denson to make a new piece for the Clarence Jazz Festival.

Nunami and Sarah Hamilton (who together wrote takara nipaluna and mumara patrula) have joined forces to develop a new walking tour and a spoken word piece that will accompany Louise’s composition – the nine-piece Jazz ensemble and spoken word will bring these stories  and Louise’s music to life together. 

This work ‘mulaka milaythina’/the hunting ground speaks to the rich hunting grounds that long characterised the landscape of the Eastern shore and explores the stories that connect generations of Tasmanian Aboriginal people to each other and the lands that they continue to care for. 

mulaka milaythina was commissioned by the Clarence Council and will be performed twice throughout the festival.

The world premier of mulaka milaythina will be presented for the Opening of the clarence Jazz festival at piyura kitina (Risdon Cove)

With a live recording taking place at the Rosny Barn at the end of the festival.

Nunami will also deliver 3 walking tours of mulaka milaythina exclusively as part of the festival.

Created by: Nunami Sculthorpe-Green

Dramaturge: Sarah Hamilton

Composer: Louise Denson

Produced and Presented by: Clarence Council

First Nation people please note: Aspects of the tour deal with Tasmania’s dark past and include references to people who have died.