I went on this and was BLOWN away, learnt so much and was so grateful for Nunami’s incredible work on this.This is truly one of the most powerful walk and talks I have been on. I learnt so much about the place I call home and continuing Aboriginal culture, which is as strong and powerful as this precious island we call home, lutruwita. If you get an opportunity to take this walk with Nunami, do it! Transcending the tragic truths of an invasion, brutal violence and ongoing harms is a powerful storytelling that takes you on a journey above all else of resistance, perseverance, resilience, strength, activism, civil disobedience, sovereignty, true leadership and it’s not just about surviving, but thriving!A story teller with humility, patience and a strong and completely justified pride. Nunami has created an incredibly generous way to share the story of her people. I took my whole family and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Ana Navidad – Midwife and mother of 3 young adults