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takara nipaluna/ walking Hobart

takara nipaluna/ Walking Hobart

takara nipaluna – Walking Hobart – gives voice to the palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) perspective, history and continued presence within this city, and exposes the layers of history beneath the asphalt.

It will lead you to a richer understanding of this place and of the palawa experience here. A revelatory, truth-telling performance that will resonate with you long after the walk ends.

This walking tour of nipaluna and its waterfront follows the route taken in 1832 by a group of forty members of the Aboriginal resistance, as they progressed to the old Government House to negotiate an end to the Black War.

Created by palawa/warlpiri woman Nunami Sculthorpe-Green with Sarah Hamilton the Tasmanian playwright, takara nipaluna is informative, provocative, entertaining and surprising.

takara nipaluna was commissioned and produced by Performing Lines Tasmania.

takara nipaluna was launched as part of Ten Days on the Island Festival in 2021.

In 2022 takara nipaluna is presented exclusively by the Theatre Royal with public tours offered throughout the year


takara nipaluna is currently open for both public and private bookings. To join a group click below or to enquire about a private group tour please contact nicole@theatreroyal.com.au

Private Groups

To enquire about our private group option and availabilies please read our fact sheet and contact Nicole at the Theatre Royal who manages all provate group bookings (nicole@theatreroyal.com.au)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does takara nipaluna run?
Takara nipaluna takes 90 mins, usually a little less. there are 15 stops, many with seating available, and a toilet break mid-way. 

Q. Is takara nipaluna accessible?
Yes, takara nipaluna welcomes people with access needs. People with hearing loss are catered for via the use of personal headsets; and the route has been designed for people with mobility issues, wheelchair users, or those who have children in prams. If you have any specific enquiries regarding accessibility, please contact the Theatre Royal Box Office. 

Q. What distance does takara nipaluna cover?
The tour covers a walk of 1.4km, almost all downhill and is a very gentle walk.  The tour beings in the city at Mathers House 108-110 Bathurst Street, Hobart and finishing near Salamanca

Q. Is takara nipaluna suitable for children?
 takara nipaluna is suitable for children 11 years and above. Parents can bring younger children and babies in prams at their discretion. Each headset given out requires a purchased ticket.

Q. Will I be able to ask questions?
Questions are encouraged and a handout with extra information and resources is provided at the conclusion of takara nipaluna.

Q. Are there food or restroom stops?
There will be a restroom break halfway through takara nipaluna. The timing of takara nipaluna does not allow for a food/beverage break. We recommend that you bring a water bottle.
If you require a restroom prior to takara nipaluna, public restrooms are located at the Bathurst Street car park, across the road from Mathers House (tour start) or the State Library of Tasmania. 

Q. Will takara nipaluna proceed in poor weather conditions?
If the weather is slightly inclement, takara nipaluna will proceed. Please wear appropriate footwear and bring an umbrella or rain jacket. A wet weather version of takara nipaluna will be offered if the walk cannot be offered outside. You will receive notification of the indoor location prior to your walk via email, with as much notice as possible.

First Nation people please note: Aspects of the tour deal with Tasmania’s dark past and include references to people who have died. 

About takara nipaluna

The experience of seeing Aboriginal stories excluded from overwhelmingly colonial narratives of this county helped define Nunami’s passion to make Tasmanian Aboriginal history visible and accessible in these city spaces. A natural storyteller she believes the best way to teach culture is through experience

After 6 years of research and aspiration Nunami was introduced to Annette from Performing Lines Tasmania who produced the work and in introduced Nunami to Tasmanian Playwright Sarah Hamilton. Nunami, Sarah and Annette worked for 12 months to craft the experience in to one like no other in nipaluna/Hobart.

Takara nipaluna was originally produced by Tasmania Performs and developed with mentor and dramaturge Sarah Hamilton.

Takara nipaluna was supported by City of Hobart, RANT Regional Arts fund, Arts Tasmania and the Tarraleah Artist Residency in 2020. Takara nipaluna was first shown for Ten Days on the Island in 2021 and in 2022 is presented by the Theatre Royal.

what our customers have said:

Brandon Gonzales2022
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"Wonderful tour through nipaluna/Hobart. Very impactful and a great introduction to the city or for locals who want to dig deeper into the history of their home. Nunami is a very kind and understanding person who is happy to answer alot of questions and give you time. The tour was very accessible and carefully structured to allow anyone to come along. The tour was very affordable for the length and information given, especially as it is the only one of its kind in nipaluna/Hobart and one of only three Aboriginal tours that I know of throughout the entirety of lutruwita/Tasmania.״
Mark Newell2022
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"This is an amazing walk, run by a true professional. Numami tells a very dark story with truth, compassion and understanding. I recommend this tour for anyone, to be able to know the real history of our first nations people. I want to go again! It was great how you encouraged questions and interaction from the group. Once people got over their shyness the exchange of questions and conversations that fostered really added to the experience and learning opportunities."

mumara patrula / wood for the fire

A walk beside the water

mumara patrula/ wood for the fire

This enlightening and moving guided tour is written by award-winning palawa and Warlpiri woman Nunami Sculthorpe-Green from Blak Led Tours Tasmania. It is the first and only Aboriginal authored tour available south of nipaluna/Hobart.


Grounded through stories of fire, earth and water, this guided tour uses the true stories of legendary historical Tasmanian Aboriginal figures of the region, as anchors to tell the deep and ongoing story of Aboriginal connection to this coastal landscape.


On this tour, the stories unfold as you take a gentle walk on a bush track along the coastline of Trial Bay, looking across to lunawuni (Bruny island).

If you have enjoyed takara nipaluna/walking Hobart tour, this new tour mumara patrula, which has been created as a companion piece, will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.


Created by: Nunami Sculthorpe-Green

Dramaturge: Sarah Hamilton

Produced by: Performing Lines TAS and Kingborough Council

Proudly presented by: Kingborough Council

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes


First Nation people please note: Aspects of the tour deal with Tasmania’s dark past and include references to people who have died.


Photographs by Jillian Mundy


Bookings for mumara patrula / Wood for the Fire are managed by Kingborough council with tickets sold through eventbrite

mulaka milaythina/ the Hunting Grounds

mulaka milaythina/ The hunting grounds

Over the last few months Nunami has been working with the internationally renowned pianist and composer Louise Denson to make a new piece for the Clarence Jazz Festival.

Nunami and Sarah Hamilton (who together wrote takara nipaluna and mumara patrula) have joined forces to develop a new walking tour and a spoken word piece that will accompany Louise’s composition – the nine-piece Jazz ensemble and spoken word will bring these stories  and Louise’s music to life together. 

This work ‘mulaka milaythina’/the hunting ground speaks to the rich hunting grounds that long characterised the landscape of the Eastern shore and explores the stories that connect generations of Tasmanian Aboriginal people to each other and the lands that they continue to care for. 

mulaka milaythina was commissioned by the Clarence Council and will be performed twice throughout the festival.

The world premier of mulaka milaythina will be presented for the Opening of the clarence Jazz festival at piyura kitina (Risdon Cove)

With a live recording taking place at the Rosny Barn at the end of the festival.

Nunami will also deliver 3 walking tours of mulaka milaythina exclusively as part of the festival.

Created by: Nunami Sculthorpe-Green

Dramaturge: Sarah Hamilton

Composer: Louise Denson

Produced and Presented by: Clarence Council

First Nation people please note: Aspects of the tour deal with Tasmania’s dark past and include references to people who have died.

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New Tour Launched

Our new tour has just been launched! mumara patrula (wood for the fire) was commissioned by Kingborough council and was produced by Performing Lines Tasmania.

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